Waddell Engineering Ltd.


We can provide stamped floating slab drawings that you can use to build from and get building department approval.

Canadian building codes make it necessary to get engineered stamped drawings for floating slab foundations more than 592 sq.ft in building area.

We can also provide drawings for the wood framed building to be constructed on the slab. If you are interested in pre-engineered steel buildings, please let us know and we can direct you to a number of pre-eng design/build companies we work with.

Drawings for wood-framed buildings that sit on floating slabs are very similar to those that would be constructed on top of frost walls. The point loads from the building have to be supported by the foundation, either the thickened edge, or a thickened pad in the interior of the slab. The drawings should also show how the installation of services such as plumbing and electrical account for the movement of the slab as it floats on the soil.